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David W Regiani, DDS, NMD, IBDM, MIAOMT

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We’re glad you’re looking at our site. We’re “holistic” – a different type of dental office that treats your mouth in a manner that works with the rest of your body.

First Phone Call

Do let us know if you’re having any immediate pain! We save a little time every day to address true dental emergencies. We won’t be able to complete extensive treatment at this time. Our goal is to get you comfortable, tell you about your options in time and money, and a give you a little time to choose the right course of action for you.

First Visit for Comprehensive Exam & Evaluation

Allow 90 minutes to 2 hours for this first appointment. And no, it won’t cost and arm and a leg!
Dr Regiani needs this amount of time to properly meet with you, discuss your goals and history, and complete a thorough dental and oral exam. In our office this means:

  • Full mouth set of digital x-rays
  • Recording of the condition of each and every tooth in your mouth
  • Complete periodontal charting
  • Oral cancer screening evaluation
  • Galvanic testing of the materials used in your mouth as fillings
  • TMJ/TMD evaluation
  • Additional tests may be needed depending on your particular circumstance. If recommended, Dr Regiani would discuss this with you prior to testing

Yes, we do need digital x-rays

You may not need to have x-rays done here at all if recent diagnostic-quality digital x-rays are provided from your former dentist prior to your appointment. Old-style film x-rays are generally not acceptable – they are the size of a small postage stamp and simply lack needed detail.

Oral Cancer Screening Evaluation

We do this at your first exam appointment and annually thereafter. However, we have the means here to do a comprehensive VelScope® Oral Cancer Exam whenever something is questionable. Call us if you have a sore in your mouth that does not heal within a few days — or a lump that does not go away in a few days. Do not wait. Like other cancers, the best results come with early diagnosis and treatment.

TMJ/TMD Evaluation

Are your teeth chipping? Do you have a crown or cap that keeps breaking? How about a groove in the side of a tooth or teeth near the gum line? All the above and frequent headaches, neck and should pain are signs of an imbalanced bite. Snoring can also be related, as can sleep apnea. Dr Regiani has substantial additional training to address these problems once and for all.

Second Appointment

This is not “just another cleaning”! You’ll meet with one of our three hygienists and their assistant for the type of services appropriate to your needs. Usually this is a standard Prophy or Root Planing & Scaling with Microscopic Exam, although we do perform other periodontal services as needed. Sometimes the doctor asks to have additional tests (Vit C, Zinc or Nitric Oxide levels) performed in the hygiene rooms.

On the same day, you’ll meet with one of the doctors and one of the office managers to review the findings from your comprehensive exam. We go through everything step-by-step so you understand.

  • What is being proposed
  • What options you have (you can always say ‘No’)
  • The consequences of no treatment at all
  • The cost to you in time and money
  • How we apply any dental insurance benefits
  • Financing options, if you’d like

You’ll leave our office with a written, understandable treatment plan and a way for you to get back on track to better dental and overall health.

Think of it this way — sometimes your car needs an oil change, but sometimes it needs more. You’re more important than your car, and we base our recommendations and services on your current condition.

New Patients – Forms

Access New Patient Forms below!

Please fill these out prior to your visit. There is no time allotted for this at your comprehensive exam. Return via postal or email (preferred), or bring them in with you at your first appointment.

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New Patient Forms

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