Sleep Disordered Breathing and The Healthy Start

Do you snore? So does 50% of the US population at some point in time! Only a physician can diagnose Sleep Apnea, a medical condition where breathing stops during the night. You might not have apnea, but you may have Sleep Disordered Breathing.

During sleep, your body is designed to repair damages and process information from the prior day. Inability to breath correctly while sleeping hinders these vital functions.

Properly addressing Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) lessens the chance of having a fatal heart attack. If a person with Sleep Apnea cannot or will not diligently wear a CPAC device, he or she is putting themselves at risk for this and a number of other issues such as high blood pressure, insulin resistance, GERD, anxiety, depression and more.

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Kids can have Sleep Disordered Breathing, too

What if medicine and dentistry totally missed the boat on symptoms of ADD, ADHD, bedwetting, multiple allergies and other symptoms generally regarded at emotional/ behavioral? What if a simple, comfortable dental device was the answer?

A child with SDB doesn’t understand a good night’s rest. Medicine (even alternative medicine) has had frustratingly limited success treating anything considered a behavioral or emotional issue without the use of drugs and their side effects. Until recently, airway disturbances were not considered in children. Free assessment online at:


The Healthy StartTM is the only method FDA certified for treating SDB children and younger teens without surgery. This system promotes jaw development to its genetic potential and opens the airway, so your child gets enough oxygen as he or she sleeps.

A nice benefit during treatment: Patients’ teeth are gently and efficiently guided into an ideal alignment as they erupt, often eliminating the need for future orthodontics or retainers. The best time for treatment is when children are growing and their adult teeth are just beginning to come in.

Dr Regiani and Dr Kajy are both certified in The Healthy StartTM. Our office first began treating children in Jan 2016, and two years later have about 200 happy families. Worldwide, The Healthy Start has been around 50 years, and there are almost 4 MILLION happy cases. Call us to see if this is right for your child!