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Regiani Holistic Dental Center
David W Regiani, DDS, NMD, IBDM, MIAOMT

What’s so Different About Regiani Holistic Dental Center

Your mouth has been called the “barometer of the body”. What happens in your mouth can affect your body, and vice versa.

Over 4 decades of experience: a pioneer, founding scientific member and advocate for research into alternatives

Dr. Regiani is one of the pioneers and a leader in biocompatible and holistic dentistry. He stopped using silver-colored Mercury fillings in Feb 1981. In fact, he discontinued using many of the materials routinely used in traditional dentistry as scientific research proved there are better, stronger and safer alternatives.

In the 1990’s, Dr Regiani wanted tooth-colored dentistry to look youthful and beautiful. He attended the Las Vegas Institute for Cosmetic Dentistry in 1995 and was in the second graduating classes from LVI (Extreme Makeover).

While cosmetics are important, what happens in your mouth is important for overall health. For example:

  • Periodontal disease affects gums and supporting bone. Although painless, it can have an impact on overall cardiac health, diabetes and pregnancy.
  • TMJ/TMD “bite imbalances” can lead to headaches, back, neck and shoulder pain. Teeth that are chipping and colliding are often the result of a correctable bad bite.
  • You are what you eat. We test for Vit C, Zinc and Nitric Oxide levels to make sure you have the right amount and not waste money on ineffective products.

Dentistry is about more than fillings, and we invite you to look through the pages of our website to learn more about our services. Dr Regiani has taken thousands of hours in continuing professional education as a participant and a lecturer. Read more about him in “Meet Dr. Regiani

Mercury-Free and Mercury-Safe

One of Dr. Regiani’s favorite quotes is: “Show me the Science.”

We don’t believe in hype, and only God can make a tooth. We are a biocompatible office, using materials that are strong, durable and beautiful, yet safer for patients and the environment. Some patients may require additional sophisticated testing to choose the best possible materials for their particular situation. Dr Regiani will advise if this is right for you.

Personal Attention

New patients usually walk out in awe… no one has ever listened to them or explained as thoroughly.

Adult new patients see Dr Regiani and his assistants for a comprehensive exam lasting over 90 minutes. That’s the only way he can give you the time and attention to understand your goals and concerns, and properly evaluate your unique situation.

We work with hundreds of non-restrictive dental insurance plans, so there’s a good chance you can use your benefits in our office. If you do not have dental insurance – or if your policy is one that restricts coverage to only certain providers – know that we offer flexible financing and payment plans through CareCredit.

The Right Atmosphere

We are a happy office! Our staff members share common values and work together for our patients’ benefit. As you look through “Our Staff” you’ll see most of us have been here for decades. As a team, we all believe strongly in continuing professional education and bring our knowledge to our patient care. When was the last time you enjoyed going to the dentist?

Jo Atkinson

Administrative Assistant Since November 2013

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Ashley Thurlow


We are happy to…

Joseph Regiani

HR/Payroll Since 2011

Dr Regiani’s…

Sherry Regiani


Administrative Director Since 1979

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Anna Short

Office Manager Since May 2001

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Kristan Spaulding


Office Manager Since December 2005

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Vicki Brejnak


Since July 1982

Vicki earned her…

Beth Gough


Since May 2005

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Mollie Brennan


Since June 2019

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Debbie Hoolihan


Since August 1987

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Heather Miller


Since Jan 2017

Laurie May


Since 1985

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Stephanie Montague

Dental Assistant & Business Assistant Since 2003

When Stephanie started working here in 2003, she was a receptionist. Throughout…

Angie Regiani

Dental Assistant, Coordinator for The Healthy Start Since 2016

Mary Schoenherr


Since 1991

Mary – the…

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Andrea Poel

Always appreciate and enjoy my visit to the Dentist!! The staff is exceptionally knowledgeable, always timely and thorough. I feel well cared for every appointment. A+++

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