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Regiani Holistic Dental Center
David W Regiani, DDS, NMD, IBDM, MIAOMT
Regiani Holistic Dental Center
Founders and innovators. Science and art. Technology that helps us look at your oral environment as more than just teeth. Techniques and processes to change your perceptions of the dentistry of old: 3D Cone Beam ultra-low radiation diagnostics; Comfortable lasers that heal wounds and treat gum disease without cutting and stitches; Solutions for sleep-disordered breathing for children and adults (not a C-PAP); Materials that are more biologically compatible from fillings to implants; We can even use your own blood cells (PRF) to help you heal more naturally.
Frequently Asked Questions
Our Office

You’ll notice we don’t "smell" like a typical dental office. No noxious chemicals here, and you may detect the aroma of essential oils to enhance wellness. Where indicated, you’ll have a choice in homeopathic remedies or other treatment options (ozone, herbs, etc.)

We offer traditional medicine for those inclined. Our office lighting replicates natural sunlight, and even the paint on our walls is ultra-low VOC. For your health, for our health: another part of what being holistic is in our office.

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Hours of Operation

Our office observes the following holidays; Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day thus, hours during these times may vary.
  • “ This center is fully focused on dental care and the well being of their patients… The staff will work with you on every aspect of your visit. I travel 20 miles just to come here and it is well worth the trip. ”
  • “ I feel as if I have found a dental practice that believes as I do in holistic care for the body mind and soul. Everyone is very open to listening to my concerns and helping me make the best decisions for my well being. Everyone is friendly and has a good sense of humor and fun. I asked Dr. Regiani what his favorite part of dentistry was and he said: ‘ I like making people well!’ Come and see for yourself and see the difference. ”
  • “ We drive an hour to see Dr. Regiani and his amazing staff. Their passion and willingness to help us commendable. They’re friendly and put the patients first. Not many can say this but I love going to the dentist! ”
    J. Ward
About Us

Dr Regiani opened his first dental office in Ortonville, MI in 1979, just a year after graduating University of Detroit (Mercy) Dental School. Always curious, he began taking classes about the materials used in dentistry. In Feb of 1981, a class in Cell Morphology showed the effects of mercury (the main component of silver-colored amalgam fillings) on a living human cell. From that moment on, everything changed. Technology and science would forever be linked in an evolving world, and Dr Regiani wanted to bring the best of it all to his patients.

Three major renovations helped expand our services until we could go no further. In 2014, we opened the new Clarkston office.

Continuing education is still paramount. Our doctors take far and away more classes than required, and our staff is highly credentialed and always learning something new to enhance our services.

Why Choose Us
“Holistic” means different things to different people. Some think it is because we do not place mercury-silver fillings. That’s just the beginning. Every material we use—from start to finish—is chosen for three reasons: biocompatibility, durability and beauty. Every process is chosen for the way it interacts with the rest of your body.

Welcome to our Practice

What Are You Looking for in a Dentist?

When has someone actually taken the time to listen to your concerns? This is important to us! After all, how can we help you if we don’t know what you are looking to find?

As a holistic practice, we offer you a truly comprehensive exam before we can discuss what might be of benefit to you. Our doctors cannot diagnose without it. This is not the traditional “5-minute quickie” exam. It takes a good hour-and-a-half to do a thorough job, and to listen to your needs and goals.

Once we have gathered data, including high-quality digital x-rays, you’ll come back for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation and treatment discussion. At the consult, you and Dr. Regiani, Dr Kajy or Dr Chirco will review the findings, and you’ll get a written recommended treatment plan individualized for you. In it, you’ll see the number of appointments necessary and the cost of services.

If it’s a match, you can set up your first appointment, or a series of them. Even if you choose to do nothing at all, at least you’ll know your situation. We think that’s the right thing to do.

Ready to take the next step? Give us a call at (248) 625-5222.

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