Snoring Isn’t Sexy and Other Ailments of Bad Bites

Has anyone told you that you snore when sleeping? It’s not cute for the person you wake in the middle of the night.

If you’ve tried to wear a CPAP, Chin Strap or other device and it didn’t work, don’t give up. Sleep Apnea is serious and it can lead to early death. Talk with Dr Regiani. He has taken two additional years of training (one at the Dawson Institute 20+ years ago and then took an additional Min-Residency with the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain in 2013-2014). His skills in diagnosing and treating bite imbalances with small, more comfortable dental devices has brought relief to many who had given up hope of a good night’s sleep.

Ever sit at a table with one leg “off”? You rock back and forth and never get comfortable. Your mouth is like that. If your teeth are not in their designed positions, your muscles will try to pull them one way or another. Suddenly, you grind your teeth.

  • Have you noticed your teeth are chipping? That’s not a sign of aging.
  • How about a groove at the gum line of one or more teeth?
  • Do you have a tooth or crown that keeps breaking?
  • Has your chiropractor been stumped as to why your adjustments don’t hold? Maybe you’ve tried wearing orthotics but that hasn’t made a difference, either. An imbalance in the way your teeth “bite” together can cause headaches, and neck, back and shoulder problems.

Only a dentist can correct a dental problem.

You don’t need to suffer or put up with a bite imbalance. Talk to us today to learn your options.